It’s been about 2 weeks since Discover University was released and while I haven’t been seen on campus much, the vast selection of new windows would be on IRL back order for all the builds I’m doing.

I can’t speak much of the gameplay for the new pack, as that is not my focus for most Sims 4 content. I can say that I tried out a few days of University and it gave me a pleasant nostalgia to my college days. I hope to get into the gameplay more one day. For now, I’m deep diving into Build/Buy as usual. Overall thoughts: Amazing amount of swatches for new things but why are we still lacking a set of standardized swatches for every new item. I need a Black, White, Grey, and a Brown Wood swatch for. every. item.

New Items to Check Out

Tiny Botanical Diaries

Right off the bat, cactus plants. Yes, it’s a small item, but it packs a big punch of 😍. It comes in 12 swatches, but I can’t stop using the cute smiley face swatch enough to try the other 11 out. I’m always a big supporter of more decor. It’s what can make a house really feel unique, and these little cacti brighten every build I put them in.

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No Nonsense Wedge Chair

We still don’t have modular furniture, particularly couches, but Discover University gives us the next best thing. With a little love from bb.moveobjects (which, let’s be honest, is always on anyway), you can fit these chairs together to make a couch, love seat or a DIY-style built-in, alongside some side tables or bookshelves. This one comes in 9 swatches and does also has a matching couch in the pack.

sims 4, buy items, decor

A Few Other Fun Things

These three items fit perfectly within the University setting, but I can see so many more uses for them outside of campus. The mini-fridge comes in two styles and 12 swatches total. It’s a missed opportunity that this doesn’t fit under a counter-top, but that wont stop me from using it in loft builds, home bars, and, of course, dorm rooms.

The pool table has one style (but there are 2 additional University-specific unlockable versions) and 5 swatches. The best part of this item? Playing against another sim. Most of my favorite gameplay items are game objects (Chess, Don’t Wake the Llama Game Table, Darts…) because they not only have multiple sims doing the action, but they are interacting. These moments really shine for storytelling.

The last item, a crowd favorite: the non-enclosed shower. Just place and go. Well… place, tile, wallpaper, and then go. For anyone who has been using Peacemaker’s amazing custom content showers (see here) as a more spacious-feeling alternative, this is a welcome addition to the game. I’m going to be perfectly honest. I’m still using those cc showers. They have better stats and are gorgeous, but I know there are so many strict Vanilla Simmers, and this is something that fills a need for them.

sims 4, buy items, decor

Thank you to the EAGameChangers Program for allowing me the code to review this pack.

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