Current Build Challenges

A Container Story Challenge


This is a 2 part challenge, including CAS and a Build.
Pick a theme. Create your Sim(s). Build your lot. Upload with #NBContainerChallenge & #EcoLifestyle


The Uneconomical Container 
How much money can one spend on a box of metal? The answer is a LOT. Create a single young adult or adult Sim to live in this lavish home. Maybe they just won the lottery? Maybe they inherited a million simoleons from a long lost uncle. You can make the story to fit this opulent lot. Don’t forget to landscape!

The Bloodcurdling Container
There’s that one house on the street that most people avoid. The owner is nice enough, but something is just… off. If you were to find yourself inside, would you be able to ever get out? Create 2 Sims for this house. One is the owner, and one is the unsuspecting visitor. Build the house inviting enough to not raise too much suspicion. Somewhere on the lot must be a hidden room. You decide what’s inside.

The Container Commune
It started as one container home and one over-zealous Sim. Now it’s a small village with a community, a family of sorts. Create one leader and a minimum of 5 follower Sims. They want to live as off-the-grid as possible. They grow their own food. They stay out of the nearby town. They are fully self sufficient. Build a self-sustaining village of container homes. This isn’t a cult.. or is it?

Any/All packs allowed. Please build on one of the following lot sizes: 20×15, 30×20, or 40×30. No CC, please. If you break the rules, it better look cools.

Upload by 6/15/2020 if you’d like your build toured on Use #NBContainerChallenge when you upload.

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Newcrest Shell Series

newcrest shell challenge build
newcrest shell challenge build
newcrest shell challenge build

A series of shells – do one or do all three! We’ll tour these on 3/24. You can add anything but not change anything existing. Get creative and use that MOO. These must be built on a 30 x 20 lot.

EXTRA CREDIT | Add a Freezer Bunny, Bob Pancakes, or Plumbob somewhere in the build.

Use #NewcrestShellSeries when you upload these.
Any/All packs allowed. No CC, please. If you break the rules, it better look cools.

Shell Build Challenge - March

We will tour these on at the end of March! You can change anything except the wall placements.

EXTRA CREDIT | Place the shell on a smaller than 40×30 lot. The house will be cut off. Rebuild what’s missing & finish the shell.

Use #NBMarchShell when you upload.
Any/All packs allowed. No CC, please. If you break the rules, it better look cools.

Sims Shell Build Challenge

World Overhaul Challenge - Selvadorada!

Any/All packs allowed. No CC, please. If you break the rules, it better look cools.
Upload by 3/9/2020 if you’d like your build toured on
Use #WOSelvadorada when you upload.

Rental Lots

Pick a lot. Pick items. Pick a theme. Build.

Must be one of the following lot size
20×15, 20×30, 40×20, 30×30, 64×64

Must include (at least) 2 of the following items (per lot):
Birthday Hot Tub
The Plumbob by Tandy Warhole Decal
Let There Be Plumbobs!
Let There Be Plumbobs Award
Outdoor Seat or Outdoor Lounger in plumbob swatch
Fossilized Whatzit
Plumbob Snowglobe (Limited Edition)

MagikaRose’s Mystical Manor
Piglet’s Crafty Cabin
Messewix’s Mountaintop Mansion
JustGreat’s Jungle Cooking Shack
Tiramisim’s Cozy Carpeted Casa
SergeantSmokie’s “Partners Only” Clubhouse
Themes cont.
Fake_James’ Faux Castle
Josta’s Jungle Hideout
Azarioan’s Gaming Abode
WithloveJulien’s Outdoor Reset Stop
Nels’ Natural Hot Springs
Lexie’s Loft

Extra Credit
Include at least one lot trait that matches your chosen theme.

Community Lot

Pick a lot type and theme. Build a space (inside or outside) with 10-12 separate rooms or areas. Each room/area should correspond to a separate option within the chosen theme. Lot must fit in the 40×30 Cantina “El Árbol del Jaguar” lot. You must include the Birthday Hot Tub somewhere on the lot.

Lot Types
Flea Market / Farmer’s Market (use a Bar or Park lot type)

Iconic Sims
Sim Traits (can use from Sims 3 or Sims 4)

The following are examples for each theme. You are not limited to these choices.

Theme 1 Examples
Bob Pancakes
Bella Goth
Pleasant Family
“The Repo Man”
“The Burglar”
The Calientes
Goopy GilsCarbo
“Tragic Clown”
Juliette Cap
Theme 2 Examples
Animal Lover
Never Nude

World Overhaul Challenge - Strangerville!

Pick a lot. Pick a theme. Build.

You can choose either a residential or community lot. Both community lots are 20×20. Residential lots sizes are 30×20, 20×15, or 50×40.

Residential Themes
Vehicle turned Tiny Home
Prepper’s Paradise
Bohemian Bungalow
Livin in a Bunker
The Hermit’s Haven
Residential Extra Credit Themes
Nels’ Nook
MJ’s Micro Home
James’ Wrestler Warren
VJ’s Hoarder Sanctuary
SK’s Vacant Village
Queen’s Diva Domicile
Community Themes
Enid’s Paranormal Park
Larix’s Tree Lot
Voldietrix’s Bunker Brewery
Sara & Hobo’s Tea Shoppe
Wasted Kitty’s Watering Hole
Otternerd’s Observatory
MX’s One Stop Shop
Bark Bark’s Dog Park

Shady Acres
All residential lots. !Mandatory Motherlode! The finished lot price must be at least 300,000 but you may not use only the highest price items in the build. Lots sizes are 30×20 or 40×30.

Hoity Toity Townhome
Pompous Penthouse
Outdoor Opulence
Fancy Frills Farm
Condo Full of Conspiracies
Extra Credit Themes
Mandi & Lulu’s Luxurious Love Nest
Intharth’s Intellectual Igloo
Iggy’s Flora Abode
Belle’s Bountiful Bombshelter
Gaia’s Meditation Haven
Scobre’s Secret Lavish Lair

Any/All packs allowed. No CC, please. If you break the rules, it better look cools.

Use #WOStrangeRedo when you upload.
Upload by 2/10/2020 – Build tours on

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