Current Build Challenges

World Overhaul Challenge - Strangerville!

Pick a lot. Pick a theme. Build.

You can choose either a residential or community lot. Both community lots are 20×20. Residential lots sizes are 30×20, 20×15, or 50×40.

Residential Themes
Vehicle turned Tiny Home
Prepper’s Paradise
Bohemian Bungalow
Livin in a Bunker
The Hermit’s Haven
Residential Extra Credit Themes
Nels’ Nook
MJ’s Micro Home
James’ Wrestler Warren
VJ’s Hoarder Sanctuary
SK’s Vacant Village
Queen’s Diva Domicile
Community Themes
Enid’s Paranormal Park
Larix’s Tree Lot
Voldietrix’s Bunker Brewery
Sara & Hobo’s Tea Shoppe
Wasted Kitty’s Watering Hole
Otternerd’s Observatory
MX’s One Stop Shop
Bark Bark’s Dog Park

Shady Acres
All residential lots. !Mandatory Motherlode! The finished lot price must be at least 300,000 but you may not use only the highest price items in the build. Lots sizes are 30×20 or 40×30.

Hoity Toity Townhome
Pompous Penthouse
Outdoor Opulence
Fancy Frills Farm
Condo Full of Conspiracies
Extra Credit Themes
Mandi & Lulu’s Luxurious Love Nest
Intharth’s Intellectual Igloo
Iggy’s Flora Abode
Belle’s Bountiful Bombshelter
Gaia’s Meditation Haven
Scobre’s Secret Lavish Lair

Any/All packs allowed. No CC, please. If you break the rules, it better look cools.

Use #WOStrangeRedo when you upload.
Upload by 2/10/2020 – Build tours on

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