Past Build Challenges

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NB Reno Challenge

Download Darkwing House Reno.
You can build an addition but can’t reduce floor space. NO CC. All packs okay. Add a backstory in description!
Use #NBReno when you upload.

Greek Life | University Housing
Daycare | Residential
Cafe/Bookstore | Cafe or Retail
University Swag Store | Retail

Upload by 11/29/2019.

sims, sims 4, build challenge, interior design

Uni House Challenge

Download Uni House Challenge.
Choose a theme and finish the build. No CC. All packs okay.
Use #NBUni when you upload.

Party House
Studious Simmers
Freshman Frenzy
Greek Life
The Cool Nerds

Upload by 11/29/2019

The Getaway Challenge (#NBShell)


Download #NBShell Challenge from the gallery.
You may add doors, interior walls, half walls and change roof colors but no deleting existing walls or roofs.
No adding exterior full size walls.
You can add stairs, windows, and fences.
30 x 20 lot or smaller. Landscape around the house.
Add a small backstory in the description.


Holiday Vacation Home
Boho Hideout
The Paranoid’s Shack
Extravagant Hideaway
The Minimalist’s Haven

All packs allowed. No CC, please. If you break the rules, it better look cools.

Use #NBShell when you upload.
Upload by 1/20/2020 – Build tours on on 1/21

sims, sims 4, sims build, interior design, sims challenge

My Dream House Challenge

Start from scratch. Any lot, any size.
All packs allowed. CC allowed**

Must Haves
Modern Rustic mix aesthetic. Open floor plan.
Streaming room for 2 (girl and guy couple) with lounge space.
Master bedroom with spacious spa-like en suite and walk-in closet.
Toddler (or Kids) room for my adopted child, Baby Yoda.
Mud room, laundry room, and at least 1 guest bedroom.
Play room (mix for kids & adults), Eat-in Kitchen.
Nice yard & space for 1 cat, 1 dog, and 1 goat.
Theater man-cave and Arts and Crafts woman-den.

Bonus Points
In-law suite.
Powder room near main living space of the house.
Christmas decorations for the holidays!

**Will be touring on stream, so CC may disappear when downloaded.
Use #NBDream when you upload.
Upload by 1/13/2020 – Build tours on on 1/14